League Email:       

Results File Link: HERE

The League’s combined Constitution and Rules 2024 Here

League Timetables 2024. The technical match timetable is draft, and marked as such. It will remain draft until competitor numbers are known.

League matches, divisions and venues 2024 Here

Summary of how the 15 June 2024 technical match will operate

Field Officials’ duties 2024

Field Card (Distance)  Here

Field Card (Height)     Here

Field cards (Excel) Here

Match Day Registration Form

Officials signing in Sheet

Guide to hosting a fixture may be found as an Annex in the rules/constitution.

Current League and Divisional records (not yet fully updated) from here

Midland League Standards Here

League Portal Link (NOT BEING USED FOR 2023 SEASON): HERE

Accident / Incident Reporting form (link to the British Athletics online form is HERE)

Claim form for hosting a fixture is HERE

MCAA T&F League AGM for 2022 – details HERE

MCAA T&F League AGM for 2023 – details HERE

A blank results programme (2023 PF) for photo-finish or manual timing (all matches). Note: this can be used for both matches with photo-finish timing and matches with manual timing. Read the instructions tab (first tab in the workbook) on how to switch.

A blank declaration sheet and a blank guests declaration sheet

An old style “manual” Team Declaration Form  here


Thank you. The MCAA.