Welcome to the Track and Field Officials PageMIDLAND OFFICIALS PAPERWORK AND LATEST NEWS:

MCAA Track and Field Advisory Group

  • Field: Maggie Murphy, Jim Pearson, Derek Redfern
  • Photo Finish: Pete Afford, Ian Anholm, Alison Jordan
  • Starters/Marksmen: Stuart Paul, John Pickles, Margaret Werrett
  • Timekeepers: Margaret Afford, Adie Pottinger, John Vickers
  • Track: Stewart Barnes, Noel Mckakly, Jane Pidgeon  

 MCAA T&F Officials’ Appointments Summer 2021 here

Midland Officials expenses – an explanation of the payment system here

N.B. Forms above (excepting those marked PDF) are in Word format.


Referee’s/Chief’s Meeting Report Form here

Timekeepers analysis form (PDF)

Record of Technical Duties Form   (Excel)

Allocation of Duties for Track Judging (PDF)

Endurance official’s logbook record of experience  (Word)

Endurance official’s logbook  

How to renew DBS details