The Midland Counties Athletics Association will hold its annual Road-Running Open Forum online at midday on Sunday 16th January 2022. The purpose of this forum is to give club representatives an opportunity to state their views and ask questions about the plans for road-running within the Midlands during 2022. In addition, it will allow individuals who might wish to volunteer for a position on the Committee the opportunity to chat to existing members of the Committee. The positions of Chair and Secretary of the Road-Running Committee are currently held by Keith Brackstone who is looking to stand down before the AGM in September 2022. In addition, at least one more club representative is needed on the Committee (with immediate effect to replace Norman Wilson who sadly passed away in 2021).
This last year was primarily about getting races back up and running following the pandemic. In 2022 we will be looking to add team awards in each of our four (or five if we can find a marathon to host a Midland Championships) championship road races and to continue to promote the two very successful road relays.
Already the following questions have been raised with the Committee about the Spring Road Relays so if you want to discuss these issues or raise any additional ones please contact Keith Brackstone.

Do away with the long stage all together – have 12 stages of the
same length (perhaps use the current short stage)

Do away with the long stage all together – look to increase the
short stage slightly within the confines of marshalling and safety to an
agreed recognised standard distance e.g. 5Km. This would allow equal

Reduce the event from 12 to 10 stages but also taking into
consideration the first two points.
For further information and to obtain the link to attend the Open Forum please contact Keith Brackstone at coachkeith53@gmail.com