PRESENT: Stewart Barnes (Chair/Treasurer MCAA), Keith Brackstone (Acting Secretary MCAA/Chair MCCCA), Colin Fox (MCAA Management Committee), Graham Heeley (MCAA Management Committee), Noel McKakly (Wolverhampton & Bilston AC), Mary Hodges (Leamington C & AC/Midland Women’s Cross-Country Chair), Glyn Jones (MCAA Management Committee/Competition Secretary Midland Area Race Walking), Stuart Paul (Chair West Midlands Council/Birchfield), Adam Henley (Northampton & Rugby), Andrew Morrey (Leamington C & AC), Maureen Bullen (Midland Management Committee), Richard Carney (BRAT), Pat Carlan (Midland Cross-Country and Mansfield), Brian Owen.

IN ATTENDANCE: Val Day (MCAA Finance & Administration Manager).

Apologies were received from Lyn Orbell (President MCAA), Jan Febery (MCAA Management Committee/Past President), Derek Redfern, Carolyn Franks (Cheltenham Harriers), Geoff Durbin (Previous Chairman), Brian Acford and John Hallett (Rushcliffe AC).

As the President was unable to attend the Chair of the Association chaired the meeting.

Before the AGM started the Chair asked those present to spend one minute to remember those who had been active as volunteers of the Association and who had passed since last year’s AGM or whose passing had come to our attention in that period. Those mentioned by name were Dave Johnson, Barry Gladwin, Norman Wilson and Mike Lambert.

The Chair of the Association went on to stress the acute shortage of volunteers for any positions with the Midland Counties Athletic Association and its associated bodies. For some time the Association had survived by existing volunteers taking on 2, 3 4 or even more roles. None of those individuals were getting any younger and a Treasurer and Secretary were urgently needed by the Association, as was a Secretary for the Track & Field League and the Track & Field Committee.

1. To receive the Minutes of the 31st Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 13th December 2020. These had been circulated prior to the meeting and were reviewed page by page and were unanimously accepted as true record of the 2020 AGM.

2. To receive and consider the Annual Report.

a. The Chair went through his written report which had been circulated prior to the meeting. Activities in the period 1 April 2020 to 31st March 202 1 had been extremely limited due to the pandemic. In the year covered by the report the Association had only managed to stage two track and field meetings in conjunction with Nuneaton Harriers. One positive result of staging these meetings was that the Association maintained its role as a competition provider and thus continued to receive a grant from England Athletics, albeit significantly reduced from the previous year.
b. The Chair invited questions; there were none and the report was unanimously accepted by the AGM.

3. To receive and adopt the Accounts and Financial Report for the year ended 31st March 2021.
a. The Chair reverted to his role as Treasurer to present the financial report for the year 1 April 2020 to 31st March 2021. Issues around Covid had meant that the finalised accounts were only received in the week prior to the AGM. The Hon Secretary shared the accounts via Zoom and the Chair/Treasurer talked the AGM through the accounts line by line.
b. The bottom line was that the Association had lost £*** in the year but was still in a healthy position with total assets of £***. Moreover, the Management Committee had maintained a positive cash balance of £*** and had not needed to reduce the investment portfolio which stood at £*** (this represents a slight reduction in value from £*** at the end of the previous year because of revaluations during the pandemic). [Secretary’s note: financial details were stated at the meeting and are available to those members who would like to make a request to the Treasurer or Secretary.]
c. Graham Heeley proposed and Colin Fox seconded a proposal that the Examined Accounts be accepted as a true statement of the accounts for the year ended on 31st March 2021 and this was passed unanimously by the meeting.

4. To elect the following proposed Honorary Officers of the Association.
a. The Chair read a proposal that Brian Owen be elected as President, having thanked Lyn Orbell in her absence for her four years in the role. In his proposal the Chair identified the many roles Brian had filled for the Association. The proposal was seconded by Graham Heeley and was passed unanimously by the AGM. Brian thanked the meeting via Zoom and left the meeting shortly thereafter.
b. The Chair then read a proposal that Mary Hodges be appointed to the position of President Elect, again he outlined Mary’s work for the Association over many years. Colin Fox proposed that Mary be elected and this motion was seconded by Richard Carney. There were no counter nominations and Mary was elected to the role unanimously.
c. At this point the Chair again listed vacancies without nominations and encouraged those attending to help recruit especially to the following roles:
I. Honorary Treasurer of the Association.
II. Honorary Secretary of the Association.
III. Secretary of the Track & Field Committee.
IV. Secretary of the Track & Field League.

5. To appoint the Independent Examiners of Accounts:
AGS (WOLVERHAMPTON) were the current Independent Examiners of the accounts. The Chair stressed the level of support that they gave Val Day as the Associations Finance Manager and also identified that they were Examiners of the Accounts and not auditors, as the Association was not required to be fully audited. The Chair proposed that they continue in the role and the Hon Sec seconded the proposal which was passed unanimously.

6. To note the current Trustees of the Association: L. Orbell, R. Float and S. Barnes, Keith Brackstone and Jan Febery.
The five existing trustees were unanimously endorsed. Richard Carney asked whether there was a conflict of interest with the Chair also being a trustee. The Hon Sec advised that for some time the Association had not had five trustees (due to a lack of volunteers) but that there were four trustees who could out vote the Chair if they felt he was not operating in the Association’s best interests.

7. To note the election of the Officers of the Midland Area Race Walking Association
Chairman: Keith Richards
Hon. Secretary: Ann Perry
Competition Sec: Glyn Jones
Financial Adviser: Peter Boszko
The AGM duly noted the election of these officers. Glyn Jones advised that the next AGM of the Race Walking Association would be held in November 2021 where he anticipated that the existing officers would be re-elected in their current appointments.

8. To note the election of the Chairman and Hon. Secretary of the Midland Cross-Country Association:
Chairman: Keith Brackstone
Hon. Secretary: Graham Heeley
The AGM duly noted the election of these officers.

9. To note the election of the Chairman and Hon. Secretary of the following Committees:
a. Track & Field Committee:
Chairman: Lyn Orbell
Hon. Secretary: Andrew Hulse
The AGM duly noted the election of these officers but also noted that at the end of the 2021 track season Andy Hulse had stepped down and there was a vacancy to be filled urgently.

b. Road Running Committee:
Chairman: Keith Brackstone.
Hon. Secretary: Keith Brackstone.
The AGM noted the election of Keith Brackstone to the role of Chair of the Committee and also noted that he was filling the role of Secretary in the absence of a volunteer for the position.

c. Officials Selection Advisory Groups Coordinator:
Maureen Bullen had been reappointed by the Management Committee to the position of Officials Selection Advisor Groups Coordinator on 23rd November 2020.

10. To note the election of the Hon. Secretary of the following Committees:

a. The Midland Track & Field League:
Chair: Bryan Acford
Hon. Secretary: Iris Morris
The AGM noted that at the end of the 2021 Track & Field season Iris Morris had stood down and again a replacement was being sought.

b. The Midland Women’s Cross-Country League:
Chair: Mary Hodges
Hon. Secretary: Becky Freeman

11. To elect the representative to the AAA:

AAA Management Board: Stewart Barnes advised that the role involved attending 2 to 3 meetings a year mainly involved with maintaining and developing the athletics heritage. Graham Heeley proposed and Mary Hodges seconded that Stewart Barnes retain the role and this was passed unanimously by the AGM. Stewart Barnes advised the AGM that Lyn Orbel had been appointed to the Board of the AAA as part of an exercise to equalise the gender split on the AAA Board in 2019 and that appointment was noted. Stuart Paul advised that there was a meeting at Alexander Stadium at 2.00 p.m. on Thursday 30th September 2021 to further discuss setting up a new museum at Alexander Stadium

12. Life Membership:
The Chair advised that the Association wished to note the work that Iris Morris (City of Stoke AC) had carried out in several roles and over many years for the Midland Counties Athletic Association. Bryan Acford had proposed to the Chair that Iris become a Life Member of the Association. The Chair seconded the proposal and Iris’ Life Membership was unanimously approved.

13. Any Other Business: There was no further business and the meeting concluded at 1.11 p.m. however, informal discussion continued until 1.35 p.m.

Keith Brackstone
Honorary Secretary
Midland Counties Athletics Association