The Midland Counties Athletics and Cross-Country Associations are looking for volunteers to help promote all aspects of the activities of the two associations to members of the Midland Counties and to clubs and individuals who are potential members. These activities include Midland Championship Events in Track & Field, on the Road and Cross-Country, the Midland Track & Field League, Inter-Area Road and Cross-Country races, courses for officials and coaches and any other relevant activities. There are no fixed hours and successful volunteers will be asked to liaise with the Officers and Committee Members of the Association to identify those events and activities that we wish to promote using any social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.  The Association was able to replace Hannah Robinson with Ross Connor but would dearly like to have more individuals involve so we can publicise our activities and results as widely as possible. Ideally we would like individuals who are representative of the age range and gender split within the Midland Counties Athletics Association and the Midland Counties Cross-Country Association.

Individuals who are interested are asked to contact the Honorary Secretary (Keith Brackstone) by email at coachkeith53@gmail.com in the first instance or by phone on 07999-511366.