Official’s Appointments Summer 2021

Appointments as of 15th June 2021 Please note there are a number of changes/additions from the 4th June

Name12th June13th June21st August22nd August
Margaret AFFORDPhotoFinish JudgeTimekeeperPhotoFinish JudgeChief Timekeeper
Pete AFFORDTimekeeperPhotoFinish JudgeTimekeeperPhotoFinish Judge
Kwadwo AFIRIFAH-MENSAHField JudgeField Judge ReserveField JudgeField Judge
Gordon AINSLEYField Judge Reserve 
Yasmine AL-DAFTARYStarterStarter  
Sue ALVEYField JudgeField Judge
Ian ANHOLMChief PhotoFinishPhotoFinish JudgeField JudgeChief PhotoFinish
David ASHBOURNEField JudgeField JudgeField JudgeClerk of Course (F)
Lauren  ASHBOURNE Field JudgeField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Derek ASTON  Timekeeper
Ian ATKINSStarter Start Co-ordinator 
Stewart BARNES Meeting Manager Meeting Manager
Gareth BAGGULEY Track JudgeClerk of Course (T)
Chris BELCHER Timekeeper 
David BENNETTTimekeeperTimekeeper
Serena  BIGNELL   
Christopher BLYTHField Judge Clerk of Course (F)Clerk of Course (F)
Cathy BRIGGS Field JudgeField JudgeEquipment Officer
David BROWNTrack JudgeTrack JudgeClerk of Course (T)Track Referee
Rita BROWNLIEPresentationPresentationPresentationPresentation
Maureen BULLENEquipment OfficerField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Noel BUTLERTrack JudgeTrack Judge 
Laura CALE Timekeeper  
Steve CARROTT   Timekeeper
Les CHAMBERS Equipment OfficerField JudgeField Judge
Alison CLAMP Field Judge Reserve Field Judge
Andrew CLOUGH Track Judge  
Eleanor CLOUGH Field Judge  
Chris COHEN  Field Referee
Richard COTHAMField RefereeField Judge  
Emily CRAVENField Judge  
Chris CROSSWELL Field Judge 
Janine DAVIESField JudgeField Judge  
Karen DAVIES Field Judge ReserveField Judge 
Val DAYProgramme SalesProgramme SalesProgramme SalesProgramme Sales
John DEATON Field Judge
Ruth DOBBINSTimekeeperTimekeeperTimekeeper
Steve DODWELL  Field Judge 
Phil DRAGEField JudgeField Judge  
Kenneth EBANKSStarters AssistantStart Co-ordinatorStarterChief Starters Assistant
Alan EDWARDSTimekeeperChief TimekeeperTimekeeper
Bernard EGGLETONField JudgeField JudgeField RefereeField Judge
Tristram ELMHIRSTTimekeeperTimekeeper
Kathryn ELSE Track JudgeTrack JudgeTrack Judge
Kathy ERTUGField JudgeTrack Judge Reserve
Bemigho ETUWEWEField JudgeField Judge  
Simon EVANS  Timekeeper 
Jane FLEMING Track Judge  
Eric FOWLERPhotoFinish TechnicianPhotoFinish TechnicianPhotoFinish TechnicianPhotoFinish Technician
Colin FOXField JudgeField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Mark FRASERField Judge   
Brian HADLEYField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
John HALLATT Chief Starters Assistant 
Fiona HANCOCKField JudgeField RefereeField JudgeField Judge
Alyson HARVEYTrack RefereeTrack JudgeTrack Judge ReserveTrack Judge
Adam HENLEYField JudgeField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Gwen HINES Track JudgeTrack Judge 
Christopher HITCHMANStarters AssistantTrack JudgeTrack Judge
Mary HODGES Field Judge
John HOTCHKISSField Judge   
Thomas HOTCHKISSField Judge   
Ben HOWAT Track RefereeTrack Judge Reserve 
Monica HOWAT Track JudgeTrack Judge 
Fiona HUGHES Field JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Andrew HULSEResultsResultsResultsResults
Rachel HULSEChief Starters Assistant Starters Assistant 
Ian HUMPHREYS StarterStart Co-ordinator
Colin JACKSTimekeeper PhotoFinish JudgePhotoFinish Judge
Alison JORDANTrack JudgeChief PhotoFinish  
Wendy KANEField JudgeChief Starters Assistant  
Samuel KIRKPATRICK  Starter
Jim KYLE  Field Judge 
Debbie LAMBERT  Field JudgeClerk of Course (F)
Jack LAMBERTField JudgeField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Chris LAWRENCEClerk of Course (F)Field JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Ronald LEESTimekeeperTimekeeperTimekeeper
David LINDSEYChief TimekeeperTimekeeper  
Ray LLOYDStart Co-ordinatorStarter
Glen LOCKTimekeeperTimekeeper 
Michael LYONS Field JudgeField Judge 
Suzanne LYONSField JudgeField JudgeClerk of Course (F) 
John MASONChief JudgeTrack Judge  
Alan MCCREADIEField Judge Reserve   
Noel MCKAKLYTrack JudgeChief JudgeTrack Judge ReserveTrack Judges’ Steward
Thomas MILLATTrack JudgeTrack Judge  
Bryan MILLSTimekeeperTimekeeperTimekeepers’ Steward
Andrew MORREY   Field Judge
Rob MULGRUETrack JudgeTrack JudgeClerk of Course (T)Chief Judge
Margaret MURPHYField JudgeField JudgeEquipment OfficerField Judge
John MURRAYField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Kate NASH  Field JudgeField Judge
Kevan NAYLORTimekeeper
Lyn ORBELLPresentationPresentationPresentationPresentation
Colin PALMER PhotoFinish JudgePhotoFinish JudgeTimekeeper
Barry PARKER Track Judges’ StewardTrack Judge 
Stuart PAULStarters AssistantStarters AssistantMeeting ManagerStarters Assistant
John PICKLES  Starters Assistant
Jane PIDGEONMeeting Manager   
Lynda PLUMPTONClerk of Course (T)Clerk of Course (T)Track RefereeTrack Judge
Adie POTTINGERPhotoFinish JudgeTimekeeperChief PhotoFinishTimekeeper
Derek PRINCEField JudgeClerk of Course (F)  
Jane PUZEYField JudgeClerk of Course (F) Field Judge
Nick READE  Technical ManagerTechnical Manager
Derek REDFERNTechnical ManagerTechnical ManagerField JudgeField Judge
Angela ROETimekeepers’ StewardTimekeepers’ StewardTimekeepers’ Steward
Stephen ROETimekeeperTimekeeper
Paul ROUTLEDGEField JudgeField JudgeField JudgeField Judge
Linda TURNERTrack JudgeTrack Judge ReserveChief JudgeTrack Judge
Paj VALLEYClerk of Course (F) Field Judge 
John VICKERSTimekeeperChief TimekeeperTimekeeper 
Ross VINCE   
Alison WALKERField JudgeField Judge Field Judge
Hannah WALKER   Field Judge
Rob WALKERField JudgeField JudgeField Judge 
Maureen WATKINSField Judge
Dave WATSONPhotoFinish JudgeTrack Judges’ StewardPhotoFinish Judge
Steve WEBBTimekeeperTimekeeper
Keith WEETMAN  Starters AssistantStarter
Margaret WERRETT  
Ann WHEELERTrack Judge   
Ian WILLOUGHBY Field Judge